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Timber sash windows check-up before the summer

As spring is at the doorstep the time is right for everyone to get a new beginning. Forget about the gloomy winter days and start thinking about how bright and beautiful the world outside your window is. Wait a moment, but what about the SASH WINDOW? Is it ready? Is it ok? Isn’t it stuck or in a poor condition or suffering from some until now invisible damage or rot eating it from the bottom?

Sash window specialist Glasgow

Give your timber windows a try

You had better check if your sash windows open properly, remain open and do not go down unexpectedly. Make sure they are not stuck and their weights and sash cords work as they should. The same applies to all working elements such as handles or hinges, for example.

If you have a feeling something is wrong, contact an expert who knows which elements need to be checked and fixed.

Look deeper

Do you know how to check the condition of timber? Definitely you can tell if there are cracks or rot beginning to appear but you need specialist consultation to know how bad the damage is or might soon become. Do not wait too long before you call an expert company.

Lock up your sash windows

Your home is your castle and you would not like an uninvited guest to come in when you are not looking just because your locks and latches are not perfectly secure. You may of course buy new ones but are you perfectly sure which ones they are? Better still have someone do it for you and just make sure they are the best expert in the field.

For all these issues, contact MWM Matt Window Mate. Always ready to provide assistance and service to your sash windows.

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