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Sash window improvement project | Stirling

Fresh paint really is a simple and cost-effective way of bringing your home up-to-date and breathing new life into your windows.

Sash Window Repair, MWM Matt Window Mate

Michelle said:

“After 8 years with newly installed windows, they began showing some signs of wear and tear that if left, as I would have been tempted to do, in time would result in more expensive repairs.

MWM windows efficiently and cost effectively rejuvenated them to maintain and extend their lifetime. “

The window frames were in good condition and did not require a complex restoration process.

However, we decided that external refreshment and final painting would make a significant difference.

Before we jumped in with the paint brushes, we had done some preparatory work to ensure the best finish.

The frames were thoroughly cleaned, and the existing paint was completely sanded off to remove paint chips, dust, dirt and debris from the window frames.

Completed with a coat of primer and a contemporary shade of "All White" Farrow and Ball paint.

Sash window repair and painting in Stirling, MWM Matt Window Mate

This shade of paint contains no other pigment except for white, creating the softest most sympathetic colour to reflect Michelle own personal style.

The final outcome its just outstanding!

If you’re thinking about getting windows renovated or installed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our website’s Contact Us page.

We’d love to help out!

We’re also available on Facebook and on Twitter

Sash Window Repair Glasgow, MWM Matt Window Mate

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