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Summer Window Projects for Open Window Season

Sash Window Repair and Replacement Glasgow, MWM Matt Window Mate

Living in a listed building can be both a privilege and a joy to the occupants; whether it be for a passion for preserving built heritage or simply the enjoyment of living in beautiful surroundings.

However, ownership and management of listed buildings comes with responsibilities, some of which can feel unnecessarily constraining as evermore hi-tech solutions and additions are developed for our homes but may not necessarily be appropriate for listed buildings.

In no area of the home is this truer than with windows. The windows in listed buildings can be something of a mine field, where frustrated home owners may feel they are forced to choose between the building conservation and efficiency.

Why it is important to maintain your sash windows this Summer?

Timber Sash Windows, like any exterior part of your home, can become subject to the elements. Over time frames can rot and pulley systems can become worn from excess use and age.

Broken locks and latches, or even loose latch screws, can all result in making your home less secure and more attractive to burglars.

To most people, summer seems like the best time to get windows installed or restored.

During hot summer months you need that all important air ventilation, but you also need to protect your home from potential intruders.

We provide an array of window security, such as sash stops, locking systems which allow you to open your windows marginally to allow air flow whilst making it impossible for a potential intruder to open the window further.

They are also the perfect addition to your windows should you have small pets and children, keeping them safe from harm.

Sash Window Repair & Renovation Service, Glasgow, MWM Matt Window Mate

It looks like Spring has arrived. Open your windows to let the fresh air into your home.

If you’re thinking about getting windows renovated or installed, then, get in touch with us.

We take every step we can to ensure that customers we install windows for, will stay comfortable throughout the process.

The truth is that windows can be done any time of the year, including winter.

Here at MWM Matt Window Mate, we offer all year-round window replacement.

If you’re looking to replace your windows this Summer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our website’s Contact Us page.

We’d love to help out!

We’re also available on Facebook and on Twitter

Sash Window Repair Glasgow, MWM Matt Window Mate

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