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Draught Proofing Sash Windows

MWM Matt Window Mate was asked to install draught proofing into six sash and case windows, to upgrade by eliminating draughts and rattles in this 19th century recently renovated and restored luxury apartment in the heart of Dowanhill of West End Glasgow .

Marion and Howard 's top floor apartment benefits from a beautiful view of Victoria Crescent Road which our customers did not want to lose by installing thick and heavy curtains to eliminate draughts.

As dedicated experts specialising in sash and case windows we always look for ways to improve window energy efficiency of windows using custom weather strips to address the common symptoms of draughty, rattling windows, reducing the air permeability, as well as noise and dust incursion.

Draughts (ventilation) let the fresh air into your home which helps reduce condensation and damp. Balance has to be reached between providing the necessary ventilation and avoiding excessive draughts which waste heat and energy.

The owners appreciate the substantial change the draught-proofing has made.

They can now fully enjoy their beautiful apartment and can look forward to upcoming winter without any worries of draughts.

Sash Windows West End

If you’re thinking about getting windows renovated or installed, then, get in touch with us.

We take every step we can to ensure that customers we install windows for, will stay comfortable throughout the process.

The truth is that windows can be done any time of the year, including winter.

Here at MWM Matt Window Mate, we offer all year-round window replacement.

If you’re looking to replace your windows this Summer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our website’s Contact Us page.

We’d love to help out!

We’re also available on Facebook and on Twitter

Sash Window Repair and Replacement Glasgow

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